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Australia’s largest single lapidary organisation, the Australian Facetors’ Guild Limited, was formed in Warwick, Queensland, in 1981 at a gathering of 145 factors from all over Australia. This Facetors’ Forum was organised by the late Peter Collins, one of the founding members. The AFG has some 850 members including members in New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland and France. Links have been made with similar Guilds overseas and an active exchange of faceting information takes place.

The objectives of the Australian Facetors’ Guild Limited
are to:

  • Promote the art of faceting natural and synthetic material
  • Promote the study of all materials and articles used for faceting
  • Hold competitions, exhibitions, seminars and tutorial classes in faceting
  • Purchase, sell and distribute literature in relation to faceting
  • Support and promote research and development in faceting
  • Promote the proper utilisation of Australian gemstone resources

Facet Talk Magazine
The bi-monthly magazine “Facet Talk” provides links and support to members wherever they reside by publishing faceting techniques, product news, letters, questions and answers, tips and state branch reports and many more general articles of interest. The AFG’s reciprocal arrangements with a number of Australian and overseas lapidary and faceting magazines provide a wealth of the latest ideas and research in faceting.

Faceting Techniques
The AFG was the first lapidary organisation in Australia to recognise the merits of the meetpoint system of cutting documented by Bob Long and Norm Steele of the USA. Active interchange of ideas on meetpoint faceting has led to many new and exciting designs. The Guild sells the Long & Steele series of books on facet designs. A number of other booklets of designs have been made available exclusively to the Guild for sale at near cost to members. These include designs by Alec Wolkonsky (France), and Sammy Fangrath (Australia)

Joining Fees

Single Membership &  Joint Membership - AUD$15

Additional Member (at same address) $7.50 Aud


Including Electronic Copy of Facet Talk  Only

Single Membership - Joint Membership - AUD $45.00

Single Membership - Joint Membership - AUD $45.00

To Purchase Printed copies of Facet Talk 
Australia and Overseas
Single Membership -  AUD $45.00 per issue PA

If you intend joining on line please be aware that the subscription fee is pro-rated.  When paying using Pay Pal the amount you are required to pay is immediately evident but if paying by EFT or other means please wait until you receive an e-mailed invoice from the web site. (This will happen very soon after you complete the application.) This invoice will have the correct amount you will need to pay to become financial for the remainder of the membership year.

Group Contacts

Please contact the appropriate director or officer for all general enquiries regarding membership and renewals, supplies, competitions, etc

Gold Coast
Rod Turville, Ashmore, Qld. - Phone 07 5539 4450

Hervey Bay
Barry Chapman, Hervey Bay, Qld. - Phone 0407 628 910

Moreton Bay
Robert Kelly - Phone 0410 885 367.

Sunshine Coast


Gary Gattle,
Phone 0417 828 972

North-East NSW
Bruce Copper, Jiggi, NSW - Phone 02 6688 8280
Don MacDonald, Pottsville, NSW - Phone 02 6676 1858

Hunter Region
Neville Smith, Maitland, NSW - Phone 0407 016 896

Canberra & District Group

John Clyde, Holt, ACT - Phone 02 6254 1523

Northern Territory
Kerry Ruff, Alice Springs, NT - Phone 08 8956 9855

South Australia (Adelaide)
Carol  van der Pennen  - Phone 0414 040 413


Richard Vaughan, TAS. Phone: 0408 651 836

Warragul & District
Ed Allison, South Dudley, Vic. - Phone 0438 788 363

Western Australia
 Richard Dunn, Warnbro, WA. Phone: 0428 654 324


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