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AFG Annual Faceting Competition 2020 

Update to the 2020 Annual Faceting Competition Schedule

2020 Annual Faceting Competition Update – Correction to London Shield Congratulations. We have already received our first set of entries for this competition in the second last week in October. Keep them coming. Entries are due on 1 June 2020, so when you read this you’ll have about 7 ½ months left to complete your entries. Update – Correction to the London Shield I.11.4One of the pre-form tiers was missing.  We have corrected the error in the third version of the competition schedule that is available on competition page for the 2020 Annual Competition on the AFG website. We have also swapped P1 for P4, either method works but each has its own challenges. If you are having difficulty downloading the updated schedule, please e-mail the competition committee at and we’ll e-mail you a copy of the updated schedule.

Click to download 2020 Competition Schedule - F3 - 29-10-19.pdf

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