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AFG Competitions and Except for 'Specified Size Sections' & ‘Specified Minimum Size’ the minimum size in all other Sections is 6mm on shortest axis of outline shape when viewed from above. Stones up to and including 0.1mm below minimum size, as measured by the Judge, will be eligible. Stones which are more than 0.1mm below minimum size will be ineligible. Minimum size does not apply to 'Specified Size' sections. Results

This  is an Excel Program 

Please Note that by clicking the button "Enable Editing" in the top of the spreadsheet the correct file details will be displayed. All necessary instructions are given on the spreadsheet as well.

"by Hans Emmenegger" Refer to Facet Talk 233 article for instructions. This program will help you keep a record of what Levels of Competition you can Enter Into

 Click on this file  Competition guide.xlsx Then save it to your Computer.

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